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Let’s face it—we’re all locked down at home, bored out of our goddamn skulls, trying not to eat each other’s faces off.

But as desperate as we are to get away from the annoying fuckwits we’re trapped at home with, if we venture outside the coronavirus will spread and—according to the CDC—unleash a zombie apocalypse.

So, we’re doing our part to help everyone stay put by releasing Season 1 of the Civilian Fuck Monkey blog, the gold-standard in stay-at-home entertainment.

Each weekly episode follows me and Kevin on our mission to save the goddamn motherfucking planet. It’s full of intrigue, adventure, drama, and puppies. And like all the truly great stories throughout history, it’s all 100% true.

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Just by joining our list you’ll sleep like a baby gorilla knowing you’re doing your part to save the planet.  Nice!

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